IPM journey of a first batch student of IIM Indore

I joined IPM at IIM Indore in the introductory year 2011. Straight from school and quite oblivious of the curriculum, reading management was altogether a different but exhilarating experience, more so in the serene and absorbing environment of IIM Indore. The huge campus endowed with modern amenities and great faculty produced impetus for a healthy academic pursuit. The varied tapestry of electives in different Semesters made the academic life not only dynamic but enriching as well. During the first three years, the basics of management were introduced in the curriculum and prepared for the main course of core management in the last two years. Meanwhile, we were provided the in campus facility to complete the three-year degree course from IGNOU side by side. In the last two years, IPM got amalgamated with the main course of PGP. The PGP students took time to adjust to the environment of management course. IPM students were already acquainted with the basics of management, thereby way ahead. PGP students no doubt have the past experience of a sound academic life yet IPM  is a complete package of management studies. The young and raw minded students adapt to the management course as ducks take to the water. The five-year course structure gives them an edge over PGP both in temperament and expertise. The attitudinal advantage of IPM in both skill and perspective have the potential to make it the course of the future. The IPM is spreading its vistas from IIM Indore to other IIMs as the corporate world has started showing their preference for it.


-Shristi Sinha (IPM-IIM INDORE 2011-2016)